Lebbeus Woods

This is a show not to be missed – Lebbeus Woods: Early Drawings. An amazing amount of work – I’ve never seen so much of his work collected in one space other than a book. Especially startling are several series that, according to the dates, were done in a single day. One set in particular is 30 drawings all done on 16 Dec 1997. I’m not even sure of how it is physically possible, let alone mentally possible, to generate so many images.

For students what is especially significant is the material and formal invention. Material is so tangibly evoked with a few pencil strokes. Also evident is material weathering – the patina of age. The worlds presented are simultaneously familiar yet foreign. The architecture seems technologically possible using today’s means and methods. Though some of the apparatuses are unfamiliar, so, too, were TV antennae and cell phone towers a very short time ago.

Go! It is probably unlikely you will have the opportunity to see so much of Woods’ work in one place again any time soon, if ever.




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